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Spring New Handbag

9 Dec

                                                                                 Christian Dior 2011 Spring New Handbag

Hello!!  again everybody.

Now ,  I’m going to share a picture about new bags  Christian Dior.

It’s  Christian Dior  2011  Spring New Handbag.   It’s bag in 2011.

Spring Bag Guide for 2011, Say Goodbye for the Cold Winter

Christian Dior  2011  Spring New Handbag  is Popular keywords Spring 2011

bags of  “color” ,  we are concerned about  all  the  gorgeously  dressed  in  bright elements.

Bright pink can always make you the focus of the crowd.   This spring,  Dior

handbags with bright colors to break the shape of the boring, in fact,  the two

set  off  each  other  is  very  interesting  to  a  single  product.


Dior ^^”

6 Dec

Hello!! Everyone 🙂

My blog is about Dior.

I will tell you something about Dior.

Information about Dior. Such as…

Dior ‘s belts , clothes , shoes , bags, baby things, fashions, and jewely.

You will absolutely know where to buy Dior , price of them ,  collection of them , and some interesting Dior.

I will tell you what is my favorite Dior for sure !!

Enjoy Dior !!



Welcome to Dior Blog yeye><"

2 Dec

Hello and Welcome everyone to my blog

I’m Tuck. Pitsinee Srifa 🙂 Study at st’english program(ep) , Thailand 😉